Jake O'Brien Murphy is a bartender. Most recently (pre-covidly) working as a senior member of the team at the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, Jake has spent his entire professional career in hospitality.

During this time has worked in various award-winning venues as well as being nominated for various personal awards. All of which he didn't win. He has also worked with leading spirits brands on a number of projects including, training, cocktail creation and liquid development as well as presenting on topics such as; "Ugly Eggs.” exploring the science of flavour, "How Not To Be a W*nker” avoiding the pitfalls of the modern bartender and "When Life Gives You Lemons” exploring behavioural psychology through lemonade.  

Jake writes a monthly column for "Essential Journal" and is a returning contributor to "Discard: The Zine". He also hosts an internationally ignored podcast, "Over The Bar" which isn't very good.

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*Jake wants you to know, he feels very uncomfortable talking about himself in the 3rd person