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Jake O'Brien Murphy is a bartender, writer and broadcaster. Currently working as a drinks Consultant for Moët-Hennessy and with previous senior roles at the American Bar at The Savoy Hotel and Present Company, as well as positions at award-winning venues such as Three Sheets and Callooh Callay. Jake has spent his entire professional career in hospitality.

During this time he has been nominated for various personal awards. All of which he didn't win. He has also worked with leading spirits brands on a number of projects including, training, cocktail creation and liquid development as well as presenting on topics such as; "Ugly Eggs.” exploring the science of flavour, "How Not To Be a W*nker” avoiding the pitfalls of the modern bartender and "When Life Gives You Lemons” exploring behavioural psychology through lemonade.  

Jake writes a column for CLASS Bar Magazine as well as being a returning contributor to Discard: The Zine and Drinks Distilled. He also hosts an internationally ignored podcast, "Over The Bar" which isn't very good. He lives in London with his wife, Flora and their dog, Milhouse.

*Jake wants you to know, he feels very uncomfortable talking about himself in the 3rd person

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